Planning to cycle from Coast to Coast?

Looking for some help with:

  • Where you are going to sleep
  • Equipment – what you need to take with you
  • Nutrition – what you should eat and drink
  • Training – how much you need to do
  • A narrative of somebody else’s journey to get a feel for the experience and practical pointers on how to deal with some of the problems you may encounter

then this site may provide the answers you need.  Click the links above or ‘Planning your coast to coast cycle‘ in the menu.

Day 2 Poppies narrow

One of the great thing about cycling coast to coast is that it is a big, bold and ambitious challenge that everybody can understand (which helps if for your trying to raise sponsorship for charity) and that most people can achieve if they spend the right amount of time on the ride for their level of riding ability.  The concept of cycling coast to coast is quite simple, get on your bike at one side of the country and ride to the other.

The problems start when you come to actually start thinking in detail about planning your coast to coast cycle. It suddenly looks a whole lot more complicated. Which is probably why you are here.

Browse through the planning pages for some very helpful tips and then perhaps have a read of my own experience of cycling Coast to Coast.  The My Coast to Coast section of the website contains the entire contents of my published book – Cycling Side to Side…with a Troll.

(Alternatively download a sample by clicking here)

Back cover blurb:

Front Cover Image low resSetting out from Lowestoft with an eight day cycle in front of him, Royston was woefully unprepared. His mission was to cross the country from its most easterly point to the most westerly tip of Wales at St David’s, Britain’s smallest city. His planning had been rushed and he hadn’t put in any training. He certainly hadn’t expected to be carrying a passenger but a tiny travel troll had decided to hitch a lift and wasn’t proving to be the best of travelling companions.

Travel with Royston Coast to Coast (C2C) across the wide bit of the UK as he does battle with the route and an annoying troll. Not only does the troll keeps reminding him, every pedal stroke of the way, how hard things are and how everything is going to go wrong but he keeps whispering about trains and how much easier they are on the legs.

Royston follows Sustrans National Cycle Network using Regional Route 30 and National Routes 1 and 4 to completely traverse the country at one of its widest points, visiting London en-route.

It is all here, free for you to browse through in the My Coast to Coast section of the website.  Just follow the links in the menu.

However, if you would rather read it as a book, in either paperback or Kindle format, you can purchase it at Amazon.

Alternatively you can download a pdf version for £2.99 by clicking on the paypal BUY button below.  Click on the ‘return to Lands End to John O’Groats Cycle Route’ option to go to the download page (I know that may seem strange but its all to do with PayPal).  If that fails for any reason, contact me

Front Cover Image low res

paypal image

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